Victoria v KTBC 7 September

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Kingsbridge Town visited Victoria club in Torquay on Saturday. Victoria are the only team to win at Eastern Backway this season so Town were keen to turn the tables in the return match. This proved to be the case as Town continued their recent run of away victories, winning on 3 rinks to take the match 79-58.

The main reason  for the win was a thumping performance by Eric Fitch’s rink. Leading by 11-6 at the break, they allowed Victoria only 3 more shots as the powered to a 19 shot victory. The matches on the other 3 rinks were tighter affairs with Town edging 2 wins against 1 loss. Keith Brayne’s rink was 17-5 up at 13 ends but they then dropped counts of 6 and 4 to lead by only 2 shots. 4 shots were scored by the visitors in the last 3 ends to win by 4 shots. Conversely, David Thorne’s rink was 4-11 down at the break  but steady scoring in the 2nd half brought the scores level  15-all and Town won on the very last bowl as skip David drew to the jack. Keith Baston’s rink was 5-9 down after a tight 1st half but a count of 6 gave them the lead, 11-9. It was nip and tuck in the 2nd half with the home side scoring a count of 3 on the penultimate end to win by this margin.

Details:- Sandra Brayne, Tony Walters, Eric Fitch won 28-9. Sue Allen, Geoff Bulbulian, Keith Brayne won 21-17. Peter Hanford, Colin Baker, David Thorne won 16-15. Marion Thorne, Geoff Langridge, Keith Baston lost 14-17.