KTBC v Plympton 3 August

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Town played host to Plympton last Thursday in a Mixed Triples Friendly match. The visitors always do well at Town but a great start was made by the home side as they held a 14 shot lead at the break, eventually winning by 21 shots, 67-46.

Keith Baston’s rink was involved in a very tight match, 9-6 at ¬†13 ends but 8 shots in the last 5 ends made the final score 17-6 as Plympton were restricted to 6 singles. ¬†David Thorne’s rink was cruising at 18-5 but 5 shots by the away side brought the deficit down to 8 shots. Keith Brayne’s rink was 5-6 down at 8 ends but 9 shots in the next 5 ends led to a 6 shot victory. Geoff Bulbulian’s rink was going well at half time, leading 9-5 but 2 counts of 5 by the visitors after the break made the difference as they won by 4 shots.

Details:- Sue Allen, Peter Trute, Keith Baston won 17-6. Sandra Brayne, Colin Baker, David Thorne won 18-10. Marion Thorne, Steve Ellis, Keith Brayne won 17-11. Roy Kendall, Jim Balsdon, Geoff Bulbulian lost 15-19.