KTBC v Marldon June 25

Keith BastonFriendly Match

On Sunday, Town entertained Marldon for a Triples Friendly match and came out on top by 82-45.
Both teams had a player short so one rink was played as a pairs match and this turned out to be Town’s most successful rink as Steve Ellis and Ray Lancaster scored 18 shots in the 2nd half to win by 19 shots. Eric Fitch’s trio was 12-8 up at 13 ends but a blistering finish of 14 shots in the last 5 ends gave them an 18 shot win. The other 2 rinks were involved in much closer games. On Keith Baston’s rink there was never more than 2 shots between the teams but a count of 2 on the last end shaded the match by 1 shot. Keith Brayne’s team was 1-12 down after 6 ends but a count of 4 steadied the nerves as they came back to lose by just 1 shot.
Details:- Steve Ellis, Ray Lancaster won 25-6. David Peters, Sandra Brayne, Eric Fitch won 26-8. Bill Rockey, Peter Hanford, Keith Baston won 15-14. Colin Harvey, Geoff Bulbulian, Keith Brayne lost 16-17.