Duncombe Trophy 3 July


Kingsbridge Town travelled to Plympton on Sunday to participate in The Duncombe Trophy. This is a tripartite event and has been contested by Town, Plympton and Stoke Fleming since its inception in 2003. However, Stoke have now pulled out of the event and have been replaced this season by Lee Moor. Despite the poor forecast, the match was played in fine weather and was enjoyed by all the players. Plympton has never been a happy hunting ground for Town but they pulled out all the stops and won the event for the 1st time since 2006.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Eric Fitch who won both his matches in the singles event, 23-8 v Plympton and 21-13 v Lee Moor to claim 2 match points. Town were represented in the Pairs by Kevin and Tracey Moore who did very well to beat Plympton 21-9 and draw with Lee Moor 13-13 to win 1.5 match points. In the Triples match, Marion and David Thorne and skip Keith Baston beat Plympton 13-11 and lost to Lee Moor by 14-17 for 1 match point. The Rink of Sue Allen, Roy Krywko, Ray Lancaster and skip Tim Lewis won their 1st match against the home side, 18-7 but lost out to Lee Moor by 13-18, gaining 1 match point. Therefore, all the rinks contributed to Town’s victory. Lee Moor did very well in their 1st experience of the competition to finish 2nd.

The total match points was Town 5.5, Lee Moor 4.5 and Plympton 2.