Victoria v KTBC September 24


Kingsbridge Town travelled to Victoria in Torquay for a friendly Triples Match on Saturday, hoping to gain revenge for a 3 shot defeat at home in May. Things looked good at half time as Town held a lead of 6 shots at 31-25 and this was increased to 12 shots by the 14th end as the visitors led 52-40. However, that was the end of the good news as Victoria came storming back to pick up 21 shots in the last 4 ends to win by a single shot, 60-61. So Town have still not got the better of Victoria after 5 years of trying but they certainly gave them a fright.

David Thorne’s rink was going very well as a 12-2 lead was held at the 11th end but 6 shots by the home side in 4 ends narrowed the gap to 15-8. On Town’s other successful rink, skipped by Eric Fitch, a lead of 16-7 was held at end 13 but 8 shots were scored by the home side in the next 4 ends to limit the lead to 2 shots. Similarly, a 13-12 lead was held by Keith Baston’s rink at 14 ends but 7 shots were scored by Victoria to win 13-19. The familiar story continued on Tim Lewis’s rink as the score was 10-11 after 13 ends but 7 shots were then dropped in the next 2 ends as the hosts won 15-19.

Details:- Frances Jones, Roy Krywko, David Thorne won 15-8. Marion Thorne, Jim Balsdon, Eric Fitch won 17-15. Bill Rockey, Tracey Moore, Tim Lewis lost 15-19. Julie Hadley, Peter Hadley, Keith Baston lost 13-19.