Totnes v KTBC 14 May


Kingsbridge Town started the season with 2 fine away wins. They travelled to Totnes on Saturday 14 May for the 1st Leg of the Summers Trophy and gained a 22 shot advantage to take into the return match.

On David Thorne’s rink, Town scored counts of 4 and 5 in the 1st 4 ends for an 11-1 lead and this was extended to 16 shots as 7 were scored on the final 2 ends. Tim Lewis’s rink was behind all the way until the final end when a count of 7 shots gave the visitors an unexpected bonus to win by 5 shots. Despite scoring 2 counts of 5, Keith Baston’s rink went into the final end at 20-20 but a count of 2 on the last end gave them the edge. On Town’s only losing rink, a very close match was played with Town losing by the one shot.

Details:- Tracey Moore, Marion Thorne, David Thorne won 27-11. Christine Lancaster, Jim Balsdon, Tim Lewis won 20-15. Roy Kendall, Julie Hadley, Keith Baston won 22-20. Joan Kendall, Ray Lancaster, Eric Fitch lost 13-14.