Paignton v KTBC 10 June

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Town travelled to Paignton for a Friendly Triples match on Saturday. The weather forecast was not good and the rain duly arrived at 3.30 when the players were taking the tea break. It was decided to call a halt at this point with Town leading by 36-31 and this was therefore the final score.

Keith Baston’s rink was 4-0 up after 4 ends but then lost a count of 3, only for Town to come back with 6 shots in 2 ends to finish on 10-5.  Geoff Bulbulian’s rink opened up a 10-0 advantage at 7 ends but a count of 5 was then dropped but the visitors held on for a 3 shot win.  David Thorne’s trio was 2-8 down after 7 ends when a count of 4 pulled them back to lose by only 1 shot. Tim Lewis’s rink was involved in a tight match, losing by 2 shots.

Details:- Sandra Brayne, Jim Balsdon, Keith Baston won 10-5.  Roy Kendall, Eric Fitch, Geoff Bulbulian won 11-8.  Colin Baker, Roy Krywko, David Thorne lost 7-8.  Marion Thorne, Keith Brayne, Tim Lewis lost 8-10.