Paignton Torbay v KTBC 16 September

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Town travelled to Paignton for a Mixed Triples Friendly through pouring rain so they were pleased to see the clouds roll away to give a fine afternoon. The visitors are in a run of good form and this was continued as they won 54-51 despite jitters as they dropped 9 shots overall on the last end.

The main reason for the win was a great display by Julie Hadley, Jim Balsdon and Tim Lewis who restricted the home side to only 3 scoring ends as they won by 18-6. David Thorne’s rink was always in front ¬†and led 15-5 but this lead was pulled back to 15-10 in the last 3 ends. Keith Baston’s rink fared even worse as an interval lead of 9-4 was wiped out by a count of 5 on the 10th end and 4 on the final end to lose 11-17. The damage was done early on Keith Brayne’s rink as 3-3 became 3-12 after 9 ends but shots were then traded equally as the hosts won 10-18.

Details:- Julie Hadley, Jim Balsdon, Tim Lewis won 18-6. Sue Allen, Roy Krywko, David Thorne won 15-10. Marion Thorne, Colin Baker, Keith Baston lost 11-17. Sandra Brayne, Ray Lancaster, Keith Brayne lost 10-18.