Paignton Torbay v KTBC 11 August

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Kingsbridge Town made the trip to Paignton Torbay hoping to reverse their recent run of narrow losses but despite holding their own for much of the match, they were found wanting in the last phase of the game. At the half-time break, Town were 27-31 down but  they rallied to lead 47-43 by the 12th end. This only inspired the home side to raise their game as they ran out winners by 60-75.

Town’s only ray of hope was in Eric Fitch’s rink where a 24-1 lead was held after 12 ends but 6 shots were dropped on the last 2 ends as Town won by 20 shots. David Thorne’s rink had a bad start, 0-9 after 4 ends but they pulled back to 12-all after the break, only for the home side to fight back with 10 shots in the last 6 ends. Similarly, Tim Lewis’s trio was 0-9 after 5 ends  and this proved to be the difference despite a spirited rally in the 2nd half. Keith Baston’s rink was 6-all after 8 ends but then the wheels fell off as the home side racked up 15 shots in the next 8 ends.

Details:- Bill Rockey, Colin Baker, Eric Fitch won 28-8. Marion Thorne, Geoff Bulbulian, David Thorne lost 13-22. Bill Schirn, Jim Balsdon, Tim Lewis lost 11-24. Geoff Langridge, Steve Ellis, Keith Baston lost 8-21.