KTBC v Victoria June 1

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Kingsbridge Town welcomed Victoria from Torquay on Saturday for their 1st home match of the season. After an even 1st half, Town held a 4 shot lead at 32-28 but they put the foot down after the break as they led by 23 shots after 14 ends at 64-41 but the visitors came back towards the end as Town won by 12 shots, 76-64.
Keith Baston’s rink was always in charge as an 11-5 interval lead was increased to 19-5 after 14 ends but the away side scored 6 shots in the last 3 ends for a final score of 23-11.Keith Brayne’s trio raced away to a 24-6 lead but counts of 4 and 5 by the visitors in the next 2 ends brought the lead down to 11 shots by the close. In contrast, Eric Fitch’s team was involved in a very tight game but they came back from a 5-8 deficit at the break to sneak victory by 1 shot with a count of 2 on the final end. Town’s only losing rink, skipped by Tony Walters, was always in arrears with a score of 4-11 at the break but a count of 5 was then dropped as Victoria increased their lead to 12-24.
Details:- Julie Hadley, Mike Lidstone, Keith Baston won 23-11. David Peters, Colin Baker, Keith Brayne won 26-15. Brian Luscombe, Sandra Brayne, Eric Fitch won 15-14. Colin Harvey, Reg Anning, Tony Walters lost 12-24.