KTBC v Stoke Fleming SHTL 15 September


Kingsbridge Town played host to Stoke Fleming last week in the final match of the South Hams Triples League. Stoke Fleming were leading the league by one point at the start so Town needed to win 4 of the 6 points available to win the league for the 3rd successive year. The result was never in doubt as Town opened up a 12 shot lead by the 4th end and led 30-5 at the half way mark. Stoke pulled back in the 2nd half but the damage had been done as the home side ran out winners by 41-22, gaining 6 points to win the league by 5 points.

Keith Baston’s rink scored counts of 4 and 5 to lead 12-0 after 4 ends and the lead had been increased to 16-2 at the half way point. Stoke fought back in the 2nd half but Town eventually won 20-13. Eric Fitch’s rink had a slower start, 3-all after 4 ends but 12 shots in the next 7 ends proved conclusive as this was the winning margin, 21-9.

Details:- David Thorne, Kevin Moore, Keith Baston 20-13. Jim Balsdon, Tim Lewis, Eric Fitch 21-9.