KTBC v Paignton Torbay 9 July

Keith BastonFriendly Match

After a run of 7 consecutive victories, Town entertained Paignton Torbay with high hopes but were brought down to earth by a fine performance by the visitors. Despite winning on 2 rinks, the shot difference on the other 2 rinks gave the away side a 17 shot victory, 55-72. This was a reorganised fixture and several regular players were unavailable so Town would like to thank Joslyn Schirn and Brian Luscombe of South Milton Shortmat for coming in at short notice.

Keith Baston’s rink held a 4 shot lead at half time, having scored a count of 5 on the 6th end but things were much tighter after the break. Town were one shot up on the last end but Paignton were holding 2 shots when Marion Thorne took the jack into the ditch to clinch the win. David Thorne’s rink was 5-12 at the break but a count of 4 then kick-started a fight back as the home side won by 1 shot in another tight finish. The other rinks did not go so well. Geoff Bulbulian’s rink dropped a count of 8 on the 10th end and this proved decisive as they lost by 10 shots. Eric Fitch’s rink was 0-9 down after 7 ends and although shots were traded equally from then the damage had been done as the visitors won by 10 shots.

Details:- Marion Thorne, Colin Baker, Keith Baston won 17-15. Joslyn Schirn, Roy Krywko, David Thorne won 17-16. Frances Jones, Bill Schirn, Geoff Bulbulian lost 10-20. Sue Allen, Brian Luscombe, Eric Fitch lost 11-21.