KTBC v Paignton 24 August

Keith BastonFriendly Match

This home fixture was transferred to Paignton due to problems with the home green.

Town had triumphed at Paignton early in the season and they continued their recent run of good form to achieve the double with another victory by 75-47.

Keith Brayne’s rink led the way with a fine performance as they restricted the home side to just 2 scoring ends as they strolled to a 26 shot win. Keith Baston’s rink led by just one shot at the interval but a count of 5 then kick-started the away side to a 14 shot victory. Tim Lewis’s trio led 5-0 after 5 ends but counts of 3 and 5 by the home side in the 2nd half gave them the edge as they won by just 3 shots. David Thorne’s rink was always playing catch up as they were 3-9 down at the half way stage and lost despite a 2nd half rally of 6 shots in 4 ends.

Details:- Marion Thorne, Colin Baker, Keith Brayne won 31-5. Julie Hadley, Garth Gregory, Keith Baston won 23-9. Geoff Langridge, Peter Hadley, Tim Lewis lost 12-15. Sandra Brayne, Ray Lancaster, David Thorne lost 9-18.