KTBC v Paignton 21 August

Keith BastonFriendly Match

On Monday, Paignton visited Town for a Mixed Triples match. Paignton normally do well at Town but this time they were second best as the home side led by 24 shots, 40-16, at the break and finally ran out winners by 80-43.

Keith Baston’s rink led the way, scoring 2 counts of 5 as the visitors were restricted to 6 shots. Eric Fitch’s trio were always a head as steady scoring gave them a 9 shot win. Tim Lewis’s rink came back from 0-4 down to lead 12-6 but only inched home as the visitors scored 5 shots to lose by a single shot. Keith Brayne’s rink was 11-1 up at 7 ends but the wheels fell off in the 2nd half as Paignton scored 10 successive shots to win 16-18.

Details:- Bill Schirn, Julie Hadley, Keith Baston won 29-6. Bill Rockey, Steve Ellis, Eric Fitch won 17-8. Sandra Brayne, Colin Baker, Tim Lewis won 12-11. Ray Lancaster, Jim Balsdon, Keith Brayne lost 16-18.