KTBC v Marldon June 13

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Kingsbridge Town finally opened their new green on Sunday when Marldon were the visitors for a Mixed Triples Friendly match on a sunny afternoon. A celebrity had been invited to bowl the first bowl but he had to pull out due to a meeting in Cornwall!  Captain Keith Brayne was still injured so Keith Baston took charge, but more of that situation will follow. Town were pleased to welcome John Yeabsley back into the fold.

The 1st half was a cagy affair and at the half way break, the visitors had their noses in front by just one shot, 28-29, but a great fightback on Tim Lewis’s rink made the difference as the home side won by 66-60.

Keith Baston started the match but at 6-all after 6 ends he had to retire with a sore elbow and Captain Keith Brayne took the reins despite a sore foot. This transformed the match as the visitors were restricted to just 4 more shots as town won 24-10. As mentioned above, the rink skipped by Tim Lewis was 6-16 down after 12 ends but then 15 unopposed shots gave Town a remarkable win by 5 shots. On John Yeabsley’s rink a close match was played out as they settled for a 13-all draw. Eric Fitch’s rink were level pegging at 11 ends but the visitors then notched up 13 shots to win by the same margin.

Details:- Bill Rockey, Julie Hadley, Keith Baston/Keith Brayne won 24-10. Sandra Brayne, Steve Ellis, Tim Lewis won 21-16. Peter Hadley, Sue Allen, John Yeabsley drew 13-13. Bill Schirn, Tony Walters, Eric Fitch lost 8-21.