KTBC v Lee Moor 3 June

Keith BastonFriendly Match

Town’s good home form continued on Sunday when Lee Moor paid a visit to Eastern Backway. Despite an indifferent start, 9-all after 4 ends, Town got into their stride to lead 48-19 at the break and this pattern continued  as the match finished 85-43 to the home side.

On David Thorne’s rink, an early reverse was  countered by a count of 5 on the 6th end and another count of 4 after the half way mark as the home side restricted the visitors to 5 scoring ends to win by 17 shots.  Similarly, Eric Fitch’s trio came from 2-5 down  with 13 shots in the next 4 ends to lead 15-5 and a count of 5 near the end extended the lead to14 shots. Keith Baston’s rink was 0-4 after 4 ends but a run of 18 in the following 10 ends made the difference as Town won by 11 shots. The other rink, skipped by Keith Brayne was involved in a seesaw contest  as a 7-1 lead  at 6 ends was lost as the visitors pulled back to lead 7-9 after 9 ends and 8-13 with 3 ends to play but a spirited comeback by the home side saw them pull back to draw 14-all.

Details:- Marion Thorne, Jim Balsdon, David Thorne won 27-10. Sandra Brayne, Steve Ellis, Eric Fitch won 25-11. Bill Rockey, Roy Krywko, Keith Baston won 19-8. Julie Hadley, Geoff Bulbulian, Keith Brayne drew 14-14.