KTBC v Lee Moor 2 June

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Kingsbridge Town continued their successful start to the season as they made it 5 wins out of 5 matches. Lee Moor were the visitors but their ranks were diminished by several players who travelled to Twickenham for the rugby final. Town won on all 4 rinks to record a score of 93-40.

Keith Brayne’s rink could not have started better as they won the1st 14 ends to lead 24-0. The visitors scored 6 shots in the last 4 ends but it was too little too late. David Thorne’s rink found themselves 1-5 down after 6 ends but the away side were then restricted to only 3 more shots  as Town won by 19 shots. Eric Fitch’s trio were only 7-4 up at the break but a run of 10 shots in the next 4 ends made the difference. Keith Baston’s rink was involved in a much tighter affair  as a 5-0 lead was lost as the visitors came back to lead 10-16 with 4 ends to play. Town then dug in to gain 8 shots in the last 4 ends and pull the game out of the fire, winning by 2 shots.

Details: Geoff Langridge, Colin Baker, Keith Brayne 26-6,  Steve Ellis, Geoff Bulbulian, David Thorne 27-8,  Marion Thorne, Ray Lancaster, Eric Fitch 22-10,  Sandra Brayne, Tony Walters, Keith Baston 18-16.