KTBC v Abbrook Park June 10

Keith BastonFriendly Match

If ever there was a game of 2 halves this was it. Town took control in the 1st half as they led by 21 shots at 38-17 and looked on course for victory but Abbrook Park had other ideas as they staged a remarkable comeback to win by 2 shots at 60-62.
On Keith Baston’s rink a lead of 13-4 at 12 ends was wiped out in 3 ends as they dropped counts of 6 and 4 and went on to lose by 6 shots. Keith Brayne’s trio was 12-2 up at the break but 14 shots by the visitors in the 2nd half gave them a 2 shot win. Things were much tighter on the rink skipped by Eric Fitch with the scores 10-all after 14 ends but 2 counts of 2 gave the visitors a 4 shot win. Town’s only successful rink skipped by Ray Lancaster bucked the trend as a 10-4 interval lead was extended to 20-10.
Details: Colin Baker, Reg Anning, Ray Lancaster won 20-10. Colin Harvey, Tony Walters, Keith Brayne lost 15-17. Steve Ellis, Sandra Brayne, Eric Fitch lost 11-15. Julie Hadley, Mike Pritchard, Keith Baston lost 14-20.