Bangers and Bingo Evening 11 May

Keith BastonUncategorized

Kingsbridge Town let their hair down on Saturday when they held a Bingo and Bangers Evening at the Clubhouse. The caller was Sue Allen who invented quite a few new names for the numbers, some of which were supposed to rhyme. Apparently, she was inspired by Edward Lear and Dr Spooner. The evening turned out to be a hilarious  event which was enjoyed by 40 players and guests. Town also inaugurated their new bar and this certainly lubricated the proceedings. Everyone was then treated to a very tasty meal known in the Charleton area as Sue’s Sausage Hotpot, the recipe for which is a closely guarded secret. A raffle was also held and the Club wishes to thank all those who gave some splendid and exotic prizes for the event.

The evening was organised by Sue Allen with help from Marion Thorne, Sandra Brayne and other club members too numerous to mention. A total in excess of £600 was raised for club funds.